About Us

Our Mission

Gong Garden is committed to raising great-tasting, safe-to-eat produce. We employ organic methods that produce food that is free from unnecessary pesticides and herbicides. Because the vegetables are locally grown they get to you fresher and tastier than produce that is shipped from who-knows-where having been sprayed with who-knows-what.

Gong Garden Farm provides:

- Organically-grown local produce at or below supermarket prices
- Fresh picked from the garden direct to you
- Generous amounts and varieties of in-season foods

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects are established and thriving all over the U.S. and around the world.

The concept is fairly simple; shareholders pay for a share of produce from the garden prior to planting, removing the need for capitalization from more expensive sources. The risk of the crop year as well as the benefits are shared between all the shareholders and the farmers ensuring that the produce has a market before it goes in the ground. The simple and direct function of a CSA means that the greatest effort always goes into growing great food and not into marketing and transportation.

What is a "Share"?

A share should provide a generous amount of produce for a family of four omnivores or two vegetarians from late May early June to sometime in late October early November, depending on the weather.

Shareholder Involvement

We hope to be able to engage our shareholders in a very interactive process to be the most efficient and satisfying experience for both the folks who hope to eat great food and the gardener who hopes to make it available to you.

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